Door Grill Work Replacement Parts | Plastic Sidelight Assemblies


Door Grill Work Replacement Parts | Plastic Sidelight Assemblies: There are different sizes, grill designs: EXTEND YOUR DOOR’S LIFE, LOOK and VALUE. Don’t replace the entire door due to broken or dated door glass parts; Replacement door glass inserts are the perfect solution for a front door or door side-lite assemblies; Various Glass Replacement Kits are available, with and without glass, with decorative glass inserts, double pane insulated tempered safety glass, different external grille profiles in new PVC molded plastic frame sets that include the interior and exterior pieces, screw hole covers and more; SIMPLE DIY / Home Owner or handyman Installation – Replacement of same size existing door glass inserts typically take under an hour and require only common tools. NOTE: Parts Prices Start at $ 88.88


ALL MEASUREMENTS: Door glass kit size; Inside and outside openings.
All Frame Dimensions: Example: 24” x 38” (+/- 0.25″); 22″ X 36″
Door Thickness: 1-3/4″, 1 5/8″, 2 1/4″ etc.
Door Measurement Overall: 6′ 8″ Door etc.
Number / Design of the “LITES” – Door Frame or Sidelite Surround Only, NO glass
Door Brand Name: Marvin, Pella, Thermatru, Biltbest, Pella, or others.
Actual Glass Insert Size: 22 X 36, Other Size?
Glass Thickness: 1/2″ OD, 5/8″, 3/4″, 11/16″ or other?
Edge to Edge Frame Measurements: ie: 23 3/4″ X 36 13/16″ etc.
Actual Door Cut Opening Size: ie: 22 1/2″ X 36″ etc.
Frame Material: Plastic / PVC, Wood or other?
Color: White, Beige, Tan etc.