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CHARGEBACK POLICIES – Chargebacks are a costly and unfortunate fact of life for small business that accept credit cards as a convenience of doing business online. As a result, we are implementing these protocols to protect against unfair chargebacks as follow: Disputes May Be Considered Valid for Several Reasons:
  • In some cases, a fraudulent purchase may be made by a third party, using the customer’s identity.
  • You did not receive the item you ordered.
  • Maybe you feel that a product or service was not what it was represented to be.
  • Maybe you do not recognize the charge on your credit card statement.

NOTE: We want to deal with any customer service issue as promptly as possible – no matter what they might be. This list of ways will constitute a contract by and between all parties utilizing this website and as such you hereby agree to any and all “authorized” credit card charges processed on this site for transactions online processed by and through PayPal (Our Processor) and you furthermore agree that we may capture your IP address, digital signature, or social media profiles and that we normally require proof of shipping, tracking numbers and delivery confirmation for shipped items by UPS, FedEx or USPS.

To implement security measures and to reduce the risk of fraudulent chargebacks we adhere to several policies:
  1. Follow all processor (PayPal) protocols as normal. Our Credit Card Processor is PayPal due to their high level of online security and reputation.
  2. We process all payments, including debit and credit cards, through PayPal. We use a clear payment descriptor such as WeFixItUSA, The AllWindowDoorParts Group USA or a related subsidiary name.
  3. If for any reason you have a dispute or are unclear about your payment descriptor or other identifying details that appear on your credit card statement such as our parent company name instead of the store’s specific name, we will be glad to clarify. Simply Email:
  4. We reserve the right to require customers to sign an email contract that spells out the specific services we will provide, pricing and delivery and shipping details for any Special Order or Custom Fabricated Parts. You will be required to return the signed contract confirmation via email. The purpose is to prevent any fraudulent use of credit cards and get the customer’s authorization to proceed with the order in writing.
  5. The bottom line is simple – Your card isn’t present at the time of purchase, but the contract says that you authorize us to bill your card in the amount of the purchase.

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